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Newcraighall Leith Victoria: Up Steps Stewart Brewing

We're pleased to announce the return of the Newcraighall Leith Victoria shirt with Stewart Brewing featuring as the local sponsor of the shirt.

Have a read below of our updates involving the Newcraighall Leith Victoria 'Lager' shirt.

Pour your pint, sit back and relax with this masterpiece of a football shirt. We've teamed up with Appin Sports and the team have designed one of our favourites shirts we've released this year.

#1 Our First Impressions

We can't help but admire this design from the team at Appin Sports. It looks like a perfect pint, which should be bubbling and a good head ratio. We feel the black logo goes very well with the sleeves but also the club badge and we're proud to introduce a local craft brewery as the main sponsor.

#2: About the Sponsor

Previously seen with the Tennent's sponsor we've had to get a mini substitution of our own on the sponsor of this stunning shirt. It was disappointing to find out Tennent's pulled out of the sponsorship of the shirt that was seen across worldwide papers, Soccer AM and all social media channels.

We wanted to introduce a local independent craft brewery to be the face of this iconic shirt and we have partnered with Stewart Brewing. We wanted the shirt to be kept in the heart of Scotland and Newcraighall Leith Victoria, so this was

the perfect match!

#3: Where Can I Buy?

In need of an early Christmas present?

The item is available for pre-order from (13/10/22) on our website from the link below:

#4: The Final Say

For just £37.99 it's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss out on. We ship worldwide so even if you're on the other side of the world to our HQ, we've got you covered! We think it's the least we can do to have a local business represent a shirt that has gone viral in national newspapers, TV and all social media outlets.

Think Football.

Try Local.

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